Eleven Things To Avoid

Cholesterol: Vitamins, Minerals & Supplements


Cholesterol is a naturally created substance in your body that is necessary for many chemical processes related to nerve and hormone functions, but can be extremely harmful in excess. Cholesterol can lead to plaque-filled arteries, which impedes blood flow to your brain, kidneys, genitals and heart.

Should you take vitamins, minerals, herbs and supplements to lower your cholesterol? This question has been debated for years in medical circles whether or not these products really make a difference in your health.

What we do know is that there is no substitute for a low-cholesterol diet, one low in fat, especially bad fats, and one rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, seeds and nuts. Diet, combined with exercise, will probably give you your best results in lowering your cholesterol, but the addition of vitamins, minerals, herbs and supplements can’t hurt your cause. I would consult your medical expert regarding these products, but if you want to wing it and go on an adventure, Whole Foods or any health food store have knowledgeable people to explain these products in detail, and their possible side-effects.